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Nova Middle Parent Link Parent Viewer

Pinnacle is a grade book which parents and students can access over the internet. It offers access to reports such as grades, attendance and discipline. Pinnacle is a tool for communication.

The website for Pinnacle is

The Student ID which is also known as the student number is printed on the schedule. This student number is not the student's social security number. The Pin Code is the student's date of birth: (year, month, day / yyyymmdd) (four digits for year, two month and two digits for day) (no spaces, slashes, dashes, or commas). For example, if the birthday is October 24, 1995, it would be typed in as 19951024. For privacy purposes, students are identified by their school number.  Make sure that you choose Nova Middle School from the drop down menu.

If you have any questions regarding grades or attendance, please call the teacher FIRST! The teacher can explain the information in the grade book. If you called in to excuse an absence, this may not be displayed in the Pinnacle Viewer for up to 2 days beyond the absence. Absences will be shown by codes such as signed-out (SO), Field Trip (FT), Unexcused Absent (AU) and Excused (AE).

Please note that "Quarter Grades" shown on Pinnacle do not include Final grades. The county calculates the final grade for the semester and this will be reported on the student's report card.

If you have any questions about accessing Pinnacle, please call Ms. Andrea Coy, Guidance Director at 754-323-3700.

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